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ASTRA VR – BIG SEE Tourism Design Award

ASTRA Museum received the BIG SEE Tourism Design Award in the Creative Story and Identity as Experience category for the ASTRA VR project (Implementation of latest multimedia technology in interpreting and communicating the ethnographic heritage of ASTRA Museum).

BIG SEE Awards were launched as regional awards to systematically explore and promote the creative and business potential of the Southeast Europe. With the ambition of connecting creativity beyond regional boundaries, they have outgrown regional frameworks and become international. Nowadays BIG SEE Awards contribute to promotion of unique and original creative achievements in architecture, interior, wood, tourism, product and fashion design globally.

More than 1000 projects from 21 countries are evaluated by the jury annually for the following categories: architecture, interior design, wood design, tourism design, product design, fashion design, visionary, the relevant accomplishments being evaluated, with emphasis on the creative design.

We congratulate the entire creation team, coordinated by architect Cosmina and Constantin Goagea, as well as the entire project implementation team!

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