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How the Story of the Objects Takes Shape

The conservation-restoration activities of the project are in progress in the ASTRA Museum’s laboratories. The heritage objects that are to be displayed in the new exhibition were carefully taken from the monuments, to be brought back with a new role, that of a storyteller in an innovative environment. Material test samples were taken from the objects, shedding light on new aspects regarding their previous use and offering clues about their lives before the museum. It is by no means a boring job for our detective-restorers!

A true challenge will be the restoration of the wine press and of the apple crusher, objects that are exhibited in open air, about which our museum specialists have discussed in detail in order to find the best conservation, restoration and displaying options. You will be able to find out more about the interventions themselves by means of virtual reality, as all the restoration actions were video recorded and the resulting materials will be part of the VR application. But all in due time – after the opening of the exhibition. Until then, we will keep you updated regarding all preceding stages and how the stories of the 13 objects take shape.

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