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September 2021 Events

The tree of life & workshop for making colaci (funeral bread), 14 September 2021

The re-enactment of the tree of life custom (accompanying the religious services organized together with other rites of passage, as well as the memorial services), will be held on the Holy Cross Day, which is also a fasting day. Local women from Sebeșu de Jos will prepare the dough from the whitest flour and will give shape to the bread that is specific to the tree of life, sharing details about the tradition of its preparation and use. In the homestead from Sebeșu de Jos, you can learn about local customs not only from local people, but also from characters of the virtual reality.

Tour for bloggers, 14 September 2021

Bloggers from Romania will take part in a tour of the new exhibition circuit - ASTRA VR, comprising the beeswax candle maker's homestead from Sebeșu de Jos and the shepherd's homestead and sheepfold from Rășinari, exhibited in the Open air museum from Dumbrava Sibiului. In the exhibition, 20 VR headsets can be used, visitors also being invited to listen to audio stories about the main occupations in the communities mentioned and to read stories in the form of comic strips. 

Tour for representatives of the local community,

14 September 2021

Representatives of the local community of Sibiu are invited to attend a tour of the ASTRA VR exhibition circuit, which has at its center multimedia technologies of showcasing heritage originating from two villages of the Sibiu county: Rășinari and Sebeșu de Jos.

Autumn Fair, 14 September 2021

Plenty of autumn fruit and vegetables are in store, as well as stories told by local people from Rășinari, Sebeșu de Jos and the surrounding areas, who will offer us their tastiest and healthiest products.

Traditional cooking workshop & Workshop for making candles from mutton tallow, 24 September 2021

The cooking workshop will be centered around mutton, a type of meat that is so specific to the shepherds' recipes. The workshop for making candles will put to use the tallow left after the meat's preparation, turning it into candles. This workshop aims at revitalizing a traditional craft that is no longer practiced, going through all necessary steps: from obtaining the tallow, to preparing the wick and making the candles.

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