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Online Project Meeting (1)

26 May 2021, 09:30 - 11:00

The meeting started with some updates regarding the project’s progress, what has been done so far, the activities that are to follow – the exhibition’s launch and the workshops, fairs and re-enactments in which the local communities are involved.

The main challenges and difficulties were discussed, the Norwegian partner offering examples of how they integrate technology in their exhibitions, especially in the case of Norsk Døvemuseum (the Norwegian Museum of Deaf Culture and History). One of the main examples was that of the QR codes, which even though at some point seemed to become obsolete are now regaining ground and can be of great use in communicating heritage to the public.

The next topic discussed was that of the organization of the following online bilateral seminars on the use of new technologies in museums. The following themes were of interest for both partners and were proposed for the seminars:

I. Soft/Content related: heritage interpretation and communication - how to choose stories that are of interest for the public; how to adapt the language in order for it to suit the audiences and how to integrate old vocabulary in an exhibition

II. Hardware related: how to choose the most suitable type of technology in disseminating the stories; VR or AR; digital literacy in museums; how to work with contractors when you do not know exactly what there is you can ask for in terms of technology; QR codes

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