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Online Project Meeting (2)

15 June 2021, 15:00 - 16:30

Museum specialists from the two organizations have discussed issues concerning the use of new technologies in museums. Some of the main topics brought to discussions were the following:

  • What devices are more suitable for an exhibition – VR vs AR, advantages and disadvantages; the difficulties in handling VR devices, especially in the context of the pandemic; situations in which it is easier for people to use their own devices;

  • How to tell interesting stories considering the fact that traditional forms of presentation do not tell much to the visitors, only to the specialists; other forms of telling stories, using digital content, sounds;

  • How the events of the project were organized so far, how the community and the audiences were involved (e.g. sheep shearing, Ascension custom);

  • How the target group was involved in creating the content for the exhibition;

  • How challenging it is to work with a contractor who is not acquainted with your field, how to communicate more efficiently in this situation;

  • Examples from the Norsk Døvemuseum (the Norwegian Museum of Deaf Culture and History): the use of AR and online games - cardboards and cartoons, but also the difficulties in having to constantly update the app in order to upload the content;

  • How the content itself might be more important than the technology used, to which youngsters are already growing more and more acquainted.

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