Online Project Meeting (3)

30 August 2021, 11:30 - 12:30

The partners from MiST were introduced to the multimedia exhibition that resulted during the project. The agenda of the meeting included:

  • a presentation of VR renderings from the exhibition, with the two types of experiences – the doll house perspective (in the homestead from Sebeșu de Jos) and the immersive experience (in the homestead from Rășinari);

  • a presentation of the system used - simple and intuitive, which visitors can control using their own hands instead of controllers, making the experience more accessible;

  • a presentation of the audio devices and light systems used – intuitive in usage, do not need assistance;

  • a discussion centred around the challenges raised by the exhibition – finding the proper length for the VR experience, finding the right pace so that the viewers feel comfortable during the experience, staff issue – offering assistance to the visitors during the VR experience, not being able to travel and relying only on what can be found online for research;

  • people’s reaction – the fact that it is the content they are mostly drawn to, as people are growing more accustomed to new technologies;

  • the relation with the contractor – how important it was to work with a professional and experienced contractor, given the changes that needed to be made from the initial plan;

  • a presentation of the printed materials used in the exhibition (panels).