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Shepherd's Wedding & Workshop for Preparing Food at the Sheepfold

14 August 2021, 13:00 - 16:00

ASTRA Open air museum, the homestead and the sheepfold from Rășinari


The Shepherd's Wedding from Rășinari is a play inspired by the sheep raising activity, one of the main traditional occupations of the people from the village of Rășinari. The wedding is a good way of showcasing local beliefs, traditions and superstitions from the end of the 19th century, many of them still existing today.

The play was written by Corneliu Dragoman Lubinschi in 1957, while the songs were collected and arranged by conductor Gheorghe Șoima. The author, being from Rășinari himself, wrote the play for the village's Folk Ensamble, a group with a significant background, dating back to 1884. In 2017, the play was entirely performed for the first time on Whitsuntide, in the village's Community Center, thanks to the initiative of mayor Bogdan Bucur and the author's nice, Carmen Olteanu.

The current performance is directed by Cătălin Grigoraș, helped by a music adviser, Ana Iliu Gladcă, and a pipe player, Alexandru Tărtăreanu. The actors are all from Rășinari, around 40 persons aged between 12 and 70. You are invited to this wedding to discover old shepherd customs, traditional clothes, songs and stories told in the local dialect.


The performance will take place in the Open air museum, in the homestead from Rășinari, but also in the sheepfold from the same village, a movement that reminds us of the flocks of sheep being taken from the homestead to the sheepfolds, where they remained from spring to late autumn.

At the end of the wedding, we will taste a product that is specific to this community: polenta rolls with cheese. This workshop will introduce us to the atmosphere that is specific to the ancient sheepfolds, where, in the fresh mountain air, the guests were welcomed with the product that the shepherds cherished the most: the mountain cheese.

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