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The Tree of Life & Workshop for Making Colaci (Funeral Bread)

14 September 2021, 10:00 - 16:00

ASTRA Open air museum, the homestead from Sebeșu de Jos


The re-enactment of the tree of life custom (accompanying the religious services organized together with other rites of passage, as well as the memorial services), will be held on the Holy Cross Day, which is also a fasting day. Starting from 10 o'clock, local women from Sebeșu de Jos will prepare the dough from the whitest flour and will give shape to the bread that is specific to the Tree of life, sharing details about the tradition of its preparation and use. The colaci (funeral bread) have the purpose of helping the soul of the deceased person to depart from this world and ascend to heaven. Starting from 13 o'clock, in the same homestead, you are invited to attend the re-enactment of the tree of life custom, a tree that will be adorned with ritual bread from Sebeșu de Jos: the sun, the stair, the sheep's gut or the gentle lamb and the scissors.

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