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Summer Fair & Verzare Workshop

9 July 2021, 10:00 - 16:00

ASTRA Open air museum, the homesteads from Rășinari and Sebeșu de Jos

The summer fair will bring together producers from Rășinari, Sebeșu de Jos and the surrounding areas, with products that are specific to the villages they come from. You will have the chance to buy bee products, woven fabrics and clothes having traditional motives, sheep dairy products, jam, syrup, zacuscă (eggplant spread), fresh vegetables, but also several types of wicker baskets. Like during any fair, visitors will be able to learn about the local resources used by the producers and to taste products that have a long tradition.

During the event, a workshop for making verzare - an emblematic product for the village of Rășinari - will be organized. Local women will tell you the story of the verzare, traditional Pentecost pies made with cheese and dill, and you will be invited to take part in their preparation.


The new exhibition circuit that can be visited in the same are of the museum will bring aspects from the lives of the two communities closer to you, by means of the latest multimedia technologies.

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