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Exhibition Launch Event & Press Tour

30 June 2021

ASTRA Open Air Museum

For the first time in an open air museum in Romania, VR technology will be at the center of a new exhibition circuit. ASTRA VR is an innovative exhibition in which visitors can use 20 VR headsets that function independently. The headsets render the Romanian countryside in a virtual world, 3D animated, showing life scenes, landscapes, architecture details and customs. The beeswax candle maker's homestead from Sebeșu de Jos and the shepherd's homestead from Rășinari are the reference points of the exhibition. The project also comprises comic strips - stories about shepherds and wax candle making, oil processing and vinegar preparation.

More than 20 specialists from the ASTRA Museum, as well as external ones (architects, film directors, graphic designers and actors) have been working on this exhibition for almost 8 months. The entire circuit will be available both in Romanian and in English. 




1 p.m. – press tour starting from the sheepfold from Rășinari, to the homesteads from Rășinari and Sebeșu de Jos

2 p.m. – ASTRA VR exhibition launch event

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